For a Builder, the Right Kind of Marketing is Key

Being a builder can have great rewards if you can get a steady stream of projects flowing in your direction. With the stiff competition for work in the construction industry, though, it can be difficult to get customers to walk through your door with a project proposal.

Proper marketing is necessary to attract new customers. However, not just any marketing will do. Due to factors that are unique to the building industry, builders need to market themselves in a manner designed specifically to suit the characteristics of their business.

First of all, in the case of builders working directly with homeowners, the transaction is for a single large sale to a single entity. Thus, builders need to understand which individual segments of their market are most likely to have a house built and direct their marketing efforts to specifically reach out to them. This is unlike retail businesses that try to reach as wide an audience as possible with their marketing campaigns.

Second, when working B2B with a developer, builders need to go where the demand is. For example, when there is a demand for skilled builders in Chestermere, the company that walks away with the project is the one that can demonstrate its ability to operate in that area. For this, proper positioning in a marketing campaign is necessary.

Besides, these two, there many other aspects that need to be considered. This is why working with a marketing company familiar with the building industry is important to ensure success.


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