Homebuilders and Social Media Marketing

Here’s an interesting statistic: according to a report by Media Technology Monitor, two in three Anglophone Canadians check their social media accounts at least once a day. What’s this got to do with homebuilders, though?

Think about it: there are millions of people using social media platforms daily, and more than a few of them are probably looking to build a home in the near future. A prominent presence in social media circles makes it easier for you to convert this segment into actual clients. If you’re on the fence on whether you should integrate social media marketing into your overall advertising strategy, here are a few great reasons to do so:

Engage with People

Having a Facebook or Twitter account allows you to better engage with prospective clients. Indeed, many use these platforms to pose inquiries to companies, so it serves as another channel for people to connect with you.

Great Platform for Contests and Promos

Social media sites are also a cost-effective launching pad for your promotions and contests—and there’s nothing people love more than freebies or discounts. Since these platforms are social in nature, it’s also easier for users to share this news to others, so there’s also a chance that your latest gimmicks will go “viral.”

Share Photos

Platforms like Pinterest or Tumblr are designed for photo sharing, and you can use them to post pictures of current or finished projects. These pics allow prospective clients to get better idea of your workmanship.


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