Home Builder Advertising: Retro vs. Modern Styles

Home builder advertising is keeping up with the tides. The ads that premier marketing strategists come up with apply the principles seen in present trends, such as retro and modern styles. Of course, you might not be able to merge these two concepts in your marketing campaign without looking inconsistent, so you have to pick which one suits your brand.

The Lure of “Grandpa Graphics”

Retro branding uses modernized versions of vintage elements or “Grandpa graphics.” In home builder marketing, companies typically use throwback styles in their typographies, logos, and images, especially in their online marketing platforms.

Mainly, the appeal behind “old-school” is the characteristic reliability of brands, the durable handmade quality of products, and the personal touch in customer interactions during the bygone eras. This message leaves long-lasting impressions to customers, which makes it highly effective in capturing an audience and keeping them tuned-in. With this advertising strategy, you can attract both boomers and more recent generations who appreciate creativity and retreats to old-fashioned things.

Making a Mark with Modern Stunts

While retro branding would be perfect for vintage architecture or historic neighborhoods, a more contemporary take on advertising may be needed for up-and-coming areas or innovative homes. In these cases, you have to find out-of-the-box ideas and fresh inspiration that can attract certain markets. For instance, some builders focus on comfort, flexibility, or sustainability, which are important traits for millennials who are looking for homes.


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